Day 5

Day 5 in Mexico.  Today we began our day with breakfast burritos and toast. The burritos were unusual, but not bad. After a short wait we loaded up an open backed truck and a van and headed to Casa Hogar orphanage.  The open back truck provided awesome air conditioning.   When we arrived at the complex, it appeared very quiet.  Apparently we were interrupting school, however they took a break and welcomed us.  As we entered, the school-age children came immediately over, appearing interested in these new visitors.  We set up in a beautiful pavilion and once the sound system was ready, we began dancing with the children.  Some were reluctant to join, but that didn't stop our team.  Then we performed our drama and explained it's significance and how it relates to us, as God's creation.  After the drama and Lauren P.'s testimony,  Stephanie Rosado led her team in the VBS lesson.  It was Noah and how the rainbow represents God's promise to us.  We assisted the children in making a rainbow craft and then we began dancing again. They LOVE to dance in Mexico.  More of the children joined us this time.  They seemed to have embraced our presence.  Most of the team danced too.  I was taking video of the team and children dancing and noticed that Justin and Brent were chasing children . . . again!  One little boy told Brent he was the whitest man he had ever seen.   :)   Last, a few of us went to spend some time with the toddlers and infants.   Smiles just lit their faces when attention was directed their way.  Is it possible that our hearts could be aching for them and yet also be blessed so much at the same time?  Each one of us left the orphanage, our lives having been touched by these children.  (and we went hoping to impact theirs). Once we returned to the church we ate a delicious lunch and had our team meeting.  We were encouraged to use the rest of our siesta time wisely.  The afternoon would be strenuous.....and HOT!  .......and hot it was.... 
We traveled in two vehicles with several tools, paint and garbage bags.  Our mission was to clean up a blind man's living quarters...inside and out.  We spent several hours bagging garbage, scraping and painting, cementing stairs, chopping grasses, avoiding falling palm fronds and barbed wire....and we will return tomorrow when we will complete the stairs, continue painting inside and out, and bag the last bit of trash.   During this time I found a blue glass which was intended to be bagged with the garbage.  I kept it.  It is a beautiful reminder of my trip to Mexico, working with a wonderful team and the blessings we are receiving.   Yes, I said receiving.  These are the trips where you come with the purpose to serve others and in doing so, leave more blessed than one could ever expect.

Debra Jones

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time and being blessed everyday by the people in Mexico. Thanks for the daily postings I enjoy reading them. Danette :)