Day 6

Today is Tuesday June 18, 2013. We started the day with breakfast at
the church. We had waffles covered with syrup berries and whip cream
and cinnamon " Tami says yum!" Then we headed out to finish up at the
blind mans house "Joel" . We finished painting the bathroom and living
room and front of the house. Some of the guys in our group as well as
Pastor Ann helped build him safe steps and the beginnings of a hand
rail. Pastor Ann can really hold her own!!!! Poor Pastor Dan forgot to
put his sun-block on he was so eager to get to work. His arms are as
red as a beet "Phyllis" , The house looks much better after all we did
however lots more needs to be done. We wish we could help them more.
Lauren used her amazing artistic ability and painted a bird over the
mans house number. She is also a pro at mixing and matching paint
colors. Not only did he show our team hospitality by buying us pop but
he also prayed for us after we prayed for him.
Our afternoon continued on with lunch at the church. After Lunch we
were surprised with delicious ice cream from Pastor Keith. We all
enjoyed it thank you Pastor Keith. After a shower and a rest we
devided into two groups. Half of us went to San Ignacio with Pastor
Dan and the other Half of us "Phyllis and Tami included" went to Punta
de Mita, Were we again encountered our friendly iguana. Pastor Ann
called him a giant dinosaur. It was fun to see how much cleaner it was
and that they were already using it for church services. We had twenty
three kids. We taught them about Daniel and the Lions Den while Pastor
Ann preached to the adults. The other group taught Mathew 4 Fishers of
men. They also walked to a soccer field and played with the kids as
well as performed the Drama.
After a long day we are all ready for bed so that we can be well
rested and ready to greet tomorrow and what itholds for us.
Good night all From Phyllis and Tami :)

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Everyone,
Thanks for the daily updates they make for such interesting reading as to what goes on in Mexico with this Mission team. Thanks for your faithfulness and hard work I can see the team is a blessing to so many. TTFN Danette :)