Day 4

    Hello Everyone! Today was a very special day, not only was it was
Father's Day but also my (Justin) birthday!!! I turned 19 today. Every
day so far we walked to the church for breakfast with the sun shining
down on us, but today we woke up to a light rain and thankfully we did
not need rain coats! After breakfast eight of us stayed back and
helped set up the church for first service which was preached in
english. Pastor Ann had the honor of giving the message today and I
heard she did a phenomenal job! Preparing for church we performed
duties that were unusual to us. For example I (Justin) had to water
the rocks and dirt outside the churches fence.
   Then after we set up and changed out of our work clothes, we partook
in the english service. We were introduced and then sent off to teach
a children's class (3-8 years old). Phyllis Jean led the group as we
told the story of Benjamin's box. I personally enjoyed the story very
much (Gary). When class was over, we ate chicken, rice and guacamole
for lunch.
   After lunch,I had the fortunate pleasure of giving Lauren, Michelle,
and Justin a short yet entertaining tour of the town Bucerias (Gary).
Since Gary is such a kind person, for my birthday he bought the group
of four ice cream from a chain convenient store named Oxxo! We walked
up and down the main road looking at the different stores they had.
Eventually we had made our way down a steep hill and got to see the
beach up close. It was the perfect picture that a post card company
would use!
   At seven, the spanish service took place. I could not understand most
of what they were saying, but how their hands were raised on bent
knees, I knew exactly what they meant (Justin). In the back during the
worship portion of the service, the kids were in a circle dancing to
the songs with hand motions etc. It was a great way to introduce the
kids to the adults way of worshiping yet attending their need to move.
After the songs were sung, our two groups split and taught two classes. One
group put on a short play about Zaccheaus played by Felipe. The kids
loved it! The other group told a story about creation of Adam and Eve.
Then made a craft and sung some songs.
   When church was over everyone stayed after and conversed amongst
their fellow brother's and sister in Christ. There was a stand where
you could buy either a strawberry smoothie or frappe. Both were so
delicious! For dinner we had another fantastic meal cooked by our
lovely cooks! Honestly there is no other way I would have wanted to
spend my birthday other than here in Mexico. This will be an
experience I will tell my kids about, along with all the events that
happen on this trip! Best birthday yet! Estoy muy consado. Buenos
noches mis amigos! I am very tired. Good night my friends!
Thanks for reading and God bless,
Gary and Justin.

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