Today was our last full day of work in Mexico.  The time here has flown by!  Before leaving for Puerto Vallarta for our day of work, we had a Mexican style breakfast consisting of breakfast burritos and fresh pineapple slices, as well as some pastries.

After breakfast, we packed up and headed back to the Vallarta mission.  Pastor Dan drove to Puerto Vallarta (I don't believe we ran any red lights today). We were divided into two groups.  Group one stayed at the mission and finished constructing classroom walls and began taping and muddying the drywall from yesterday, as well as building the last room.  Group two headed to the hospital in a Puerto Vallarta to do some sprucing up!  Since Pastor Dan was in group one, we needed someone to drive us to the hospital.  Stephanie did a great job driving (it was her first time driving in Mexico). I was a part of group two.  We washed the exterior walls of the hospital, and picked up trash outside around the hospital and in the parking lot.  I have no idea how many cigarette butts and tooth picks were picked up, but I know I picked up a lot!  Phyllis Jean said together we picked up 3,425,357.  We took a small break at a Kiosko (like a small party store) and enjoyed the air conditioning and purchased some snacks and cold drinks.

We returned to the mission for lunch (beef stew, rice, beans, salad, chips, salsa and guacamole) and a much needed siesta (time of rest).

After our siesta, both groups stayed at the Vallarta missions to work.  The drywall crew finished all four rooms which were taped, mudded, and stuccoed.  Now the walls are ready for paint!  Lauren began painting the mural she drew on the walls, where the worship service takes place.  She began painting, but did not have enough paint to finish.  Several group members painted the bright green doors (green paint had to be scraped first) a chocolate brown color.  Others finished painting the exterior of the church, helped Lauren paint the mural, helped with drywall, or various other jobs.

We "freshened up" and Debra, Lauren, Hannah, Gary and I helped to make 70 sandwiches to take with us to hand out at a nearby hospital. We had a short break before heading to the hospital so we had a "chin up" contest.  Justin (age 19) won the contest with close to 15, Brent (age 42) completed 10, Gary (age 69) completed 3 and Hannah (age 16) attempted one.

When we arrived at the hospital, Brent, Justin, Stephanie, and Lauren went into the hospital to pray for people.  The rest of us stayed outside of the hospital to pray and hand out the sandwiches and water.  Praying for total strangers in a foreign country (there were translators) was an amazing experience!  Then it was back to the Vallarta mission for dinner (sandwiches and salad) and good-byes.  It was an amazing two days spent with La Fuente Vallarta!  The people of Mexico have found a special place in our hearts!

Michele Macias

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Pete and Celina said...

Great week for all. You have given much to the Mexican people and they have given of themselves to you. God has blessed you all. Today is your day off we understand, have a great day and a safe trip home.